MIT List Visual Arts Center

From September–December 2019, I served as a graphic design intern at the MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, MA. While working for the gallery, I created a number of print and digital materials to promote current and upcoming exhibitions, as well as events and installations that ran concurrently with them.

Print Pieces

Inbetween Glances Exhibition Opening poster, 2019. Digital print. 18 × 24 in. 

Digital Work

Gallery events digital display.

In Between Glances Exhibition Opening digital display image.

LinienLand (2019)

Promotional work and instructional content for Alicja Kwade’s LinienLand (2019) augmented reality exhibit.

LinienLand (2019) AR Exhibit insctructional postcard. 4 × 6 in.

Photography for use on MIT List Visual Arts Center website.

Julian Parikh © 2021 

Julian Parikh © 2021