Zines for Print Ain’t Dead

Photo by Cierra Peters

I worked in collaboration with Print Ain't Dead, a bookstore and publishing platform, and visual artists Autumn Ahn and Joanne Petit-Frere to create two zines featuring the artists' work. 

a galaxy on my plaster ceiling, 2020. Limited Edition Zine, Digital Print. 27.55 × 19.68 in.

Autumn Ahn on a galaxy on my plaster ceiling, “This zine was envisioned as a non-linear reflection on stages of healing as they exist in the act of making and in the lived experience. Inspired by conversations of mental health awareness, the format of this multi-part publication artwork unfolds with the promise of deeper shared reflection with the reader upon interacting between the text and the added red translucent page. Through the proposed act of searching and recovering the broken text by lining up the graphic and textual clues, this zine asks us to consider what new worlds are possible in our lived traditions, and the spiritual journey they suggest.”

Julian Parikh © 2021 

Julian Parikh © 2021